Cataract of Light: Soliloquies on Conscious Being

“The Message of Light, Love, Soul, Self, God, has sounded through the ages. To read the Unfoldments of Dr. Kenneth G. Mills is to be on Holy Ground in the library of the Saints and Sages. With divine precision the soliloquies on Conscious Being refocus the Message of the Ancients in our awareness and knowing. Brilliant word compositions flowing with tonal color and nuanced poetic grace erase the false education of a limited state of being, awakening the reader to wonder, remembrance, discovery, and restoring the key: Identity.”

As said by Yanci Bukovec, Professor Emeritus, University of Florida, director, and actor, upon reading a preview of Cataract of Light.

This forthcoming book comprises 14 Spontaneous Unfoldments given by Dr. Kenneth G. Mills during an intense three-week Summer Festival of Light, Sound, and Peace in 1989.

“No man, no person, no system, can ever give you what you are; it can only alert you to what you’ve forgotten. And then, when you have once realized that you didn’t forget, you have no memory of ever having been other than That.” (Kenneth G. Mills)

Stay tuned here for more endorsements and features of Cataract of Light, as well as a reveal of the cover!




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