Bijou, September 6, 2016

The only shock people can get to-day is from having their pattern of identity put to question. When those patterns are put to question, the answer starts to loom on another

weaving entirely;


it weaves another pattern entirely.

It weaves a pattern of energy that is usually garmented in Love if it is to transform,


garmented in Truth if it is to shock,

garmented in Spirit if it is to prevail,

garmented in Soul if it is to be felt,

garmented in Principle in order to stabilize,

garmented in Mind in order to give confidence to the errant one,


and garmented in the realization that the Source, the Energy, God, is what allows even the misunderstood to be and yet not to be.


– Kenneth G. Mills, Change Your Standpoint ~ Change your World,  p.144

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