“The joy of Being is unconfined;
The belief of time has you codified.
The joy of Being wraps the mind
In the cocoon of Light, and there it binds
All thoughts to One, and One in Act
Gives you a day of Light, and that is Fact.


Enjoy the Being, unconfined,
And you find the shackles of the mind
Drop and tinkle, as tears to the ground
Are traced as a cloud, which yields its unknowing
When I is found.


Enjoy the Fact and let fiction fail
To seduce you into its earthbound wail.
And then you will see, as you escape the course,
The unconscious sea, for the whale of sorts
Gives you now the chance to stand on Holy Ground,
And the perennial Facts of Being revealed:
       I unbound!


– Kenneth G. Mills, The Golden Nail, p. 129

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