Bijou, July 6, 2016

The grave is only the result of doubt and faith and hope.
But the victory rests in knowing that I was never born to live or to die,
But I AM That Eternal Presence that appears to give light to your sky.
I appear to be a Light to your life from the dark side of the moon


Which you cannot see but I show your reflected light.
Then in That State so simple and grand
You appear to look like a woman or a man,
But when you see as I AM, there is no doubt:
The Beauty of Being is all about.


You can come and go and you can dance and sing
And you can yell and scream about what you aren’t and
what you are, and yet, the King
Is always enthroned on the Dais of Light,
For you don’t have to look up, down, or sideways;


Look in and behold,
There, I AM Light!


– Kenneth G. Mills, The Golden Nail p. 180/81

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