“An Unfoldment is given in such a way that the mundane is there, but it is not given any undue attention. To transcend the limits of the mundane, you must fly as does the eagle above the suggested contaminated atmosphere of limits. If you are inclined to gain a new point of experience, you cannot gain it from an old point of inclusion. If you include an old point and expect to find a new one, you have to be willing to drop the old point, which often requires being jabbed by the new one!


If you are looking to find a point new, it is because you are fed up with the old point. You are where you are. If you are happy where you are, Be where you are. But if you are not happy where you are , it is obvious you are not Being where you are. It is stated: “When God shines in the heart, it appears as a smile upon your face.”


– Kenneth G. Mills, A Word Fitly Spoken p. 159

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