Bijou, July 30, 2016

The art of living beyond the three-dimensional sphere of this world and its inhabitants is to live in that State of Awareness or Consciousness in which the Self experience illuminates the three dimensions.


Despite the objects, objectifications, and the objections of time, this state of Consciousness is able to point to the timeless Shore where there is no clam squirting in the mud flats.


Only the Pearl is revealed on that Shore where understanding reigns. Here, you stand revelling in the revealed Truth, as Being is found freed from the shell of belief.


The shell of the clam of belief has two halves: one shell is mind, the other shell is body. The same kind of shell houses the oyster, but the oyster knows enough to use the irritation to produce a pearl. A clam only uses it to persist in remaining in the mud flats!


– Kenneth G. Mills, A Word Fitly Spoken, p. 185

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