Be Inspired by These Transcendent Journeys

“Once upon a time in an ocean far, far away there lived a fast, flashy, fuchsia fish named Florissa. Since the day she was born all she wanted to do was to go beyond the watery world!”

So begins this delightful story, written and illustrated by Victoria Friedman, with book design by Ellen Mann. Florissa has a strong will to transcend and encounters many obstacles in the sea—but then one day her life changes.

Victoria has dedicated her book to “Dr. Kenneth G. Mills, the Silver Fish in our lives, and Ron Friedman, the whale with the greatest heart in the ocean.” She is delighted to share her stories that inspire the child in us all. Victoria established the Clayway Arts Center, which offered clay-making classes for children, and then ran Spirit Club for children. As co-founder of Vistar Foundation, a non-profit organization, she is actively focused on conscious culture.

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“A great read. I could hardly put it down!” While Katrine Geneau’s inner and outer adventures in Inward Bound hold the attention, the reader learns all about why we’re here on this planet, how we can make the most of it, and how to embrace what’s happening in these days of uncertainty.

“This is a most remarkable story of a young woman’s choice to dedicate her life to a spiritual teacher, to take a path less-traveled, and what that choice meant for her on a day-to-day basis as well as over the longer term. The exchanges between student and teacher are most poignant and inspiring. To read of her early struggles with the material was something that most of us can relate to when presented with a teaching of Truth as we conduct our lives on this temporal plane. And it is most gratifying to learn that Katrine safely navigated these turbulent waters all the way ‘home,’ buoyed by a vessel of grace conferred by this great teacher’s teaching.” (P.F.)

Katrine’s intelligence and refusal to take a suspect path, her caution before giving full confidence to her teacher, and the assumptions she struggled with had this reader with her all the way. A book that can fill in missing links. I found myself in a richer space for the reading.” (S.T.)

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