And the Volunteer Achievement Awards Go to…

Paul Sargia, for his many years of selfless service in managing the storage, sales, and shipment of Dr. Kenneth G. Mills’s publications in the United States, being a focal point for gatherings of all kind, and moving with foresight in communication and assistance to all.

And to

Glen Sawich, for his unwavering devotion to the teachings of Dr. Kenneth G. Mills since the 1960s, his many contributions to the Events Committee and Unfoldment classes, and his management of the audio-visual equipment and display of creative photomontages during Foundation events.

At its annual general meeting on June 7 the Kenneth G. Mills Foundation acknowledged Paul and Glen as well as the following volunteers who prepared and facilitated Summer Festival classes (including the audio-visual); organized events; managed the website; judged the Poetry and Singer-Songwriter Awards; managed the Bingo program and the book sales; transcribed; and produced publications, such as Out of the Blue.

Michael Abbott

Lee Bowser

Barry Brodie

Ken Brown

Jan Butler

Claude Charlebois

Suman Dahya

Victoria Friedman

Hermine Garrick

Katrine Geneau

Lucille Joseph

Susan Kaplan

Mary Joy Leaper

Judith Macdonell

Gwynne MacHattie

Ellen Mann

Robert McAlpine

Colin Morrison

Jennifer Murphy

Marshall Olchowy

Soleil Petrunka

Blair Randle

Paul Sargia

Glen Sawich

Gregory Serdahl

Joanna van der Bolt

Valerie Webster

Angela Wingfield


“The essential characteristic of gratitude is that it is unlimited.”

– Kenneth G. Mills, Food for No Thought, vol. 2


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