And the Volunteer Achievement Award Goes to …

Joanna van der Bolt, for her many years of constancy and devotion in selecting and sharing Dr. Kenneth G. Mills’s golden nuggets, also known as the Daily Bijoux. A long-time student of Dr. Mills’s teachings, Joanna traveled from the Netherlands in 2018 to attend the Foundation’s Summer Festival of Light, Sound, and Peace in Canada. In addition to sending out the Bijoux every day, she runs her own business, Essential Elements (

At its annual general meeting on April 28 the Kenneth G. Mills Foundation acknowledged Joanna as well as the following volunteers who have helped maintain the library of Dr. Mills’s thousands of hours of recorded Spontaneous Unfoldments™ – reviewing and transferring recordings; typing and editing transcripts; identifying themes; and writing synopses:

Michael Abbott

Nicolas Cueto

Hermine Garrick

Frances Giles

Michael Giles

Lucille Joseph

Scarlette Leach

Mary Joy Leaper

Judith Macdonell

Gwynne MacHattie

Ellen Mann

Terhune McGrath

Jennifer Murphy

Angela Wingfield

It would not be possible for the Kenneth G. Mills Foundation to offer its extraordinary online library without the efforts of these dedicated volunteers and of those employed by the Foundation for ongoing work.

If you too would like to receive a meaningful Bijou each day, please let us know at [email protected].

“The essential characteristic of gratitude is that it is unlimited.”

– Kenneth G. Mills, Food for No Thought, vol. 2

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