An Earth Day Message

“We are wondering always how a change is going to happen, and we have not been taught what to do about the chaos and the ensuing force-field of confusion, for we have not been taught where the Earth arises. The Earth does not arise on its own. The Earth is not separate from its inhabitants. The Earth is not other than a playground for you to experience your various staging, and your various performances, and allowing and expecting originality and uniqueness to come forth….

“The consensus has given the stage called Earth. That was taught to you from the beginning. It is interesting that you were not taught from the beginning that you had to be shown how to look, where to look, and what you would see would be called, at first, your backyard, your lawn, your garden – or your playpen, I guess, to begin with. Then the sides went down, and it became your backyard and then it became your lawn; and then when you went beyond that, that was the boundary of the town or the village.…

“The Earth is as much your playpen, or your backyard without walls…. Since you are not taught in the early stages what you really are, you are never taught to look at the Earth for what it really is. Consequently, you think there is a separation, but there isn’t!

Every man, woman, and child is responsible for the condition of Gaia. Gaia is totally in your thought of mundanity or it’s in the awareness of the Sublime! In the awareness of mundanity, it can be bombed, it can be raked, it can be ploughed, it can be vandalized. In the realm of the Sublime, it is festooned with the harmonic patterns that are termed ‘Heavenly endowments’!

– Kenneth G. Mills, “When the Earth Arises,” given on May 13, 2001, now in the online library at

Our thanks go to Victoria Friedman and Ron Friedman, co-founders of Vistar Foundation, for drawing these remarkable statements to our attention. The Friedmans gratefully acknowledge Dr. Mills as their teacher and mentor.

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