“A Tsunami of Truth”

Out of the Blue is an invitation to engage with a tsunami of Truth to meet with the deepest questions that you have held in your Soul for this entire lifetime” (Ron Friedman, MD, Co-founder, Vistar Foundation).

Out of the Blue is a newly published collection of Spontaneous Unfoldments™ given by Dr. Kenneth G. Mills in which he shares his deep philosophical insights and practical wisdom. All given in 1989, these lectures are, in his words, “a great Whisper telling you through the vibratory frequency of an inner knowingness that you are receiving information that is essential for your attunement to the Music of the Spheres.”

The book’s title was taken from one of the Unfoldments within it: “It came out of the Blue, in other words beyond your mind’s comprehension. And this is where all the ventures that you are engaged upon are coming from” (Kenneth G. Mills).

“This compilation of a portion of Dr. Kenneth G. Mills’s Unfoldments, by those privileged to be in his Presence, is a treasure expressed as language of the soul” (Noel K. Marshall, PhD, Co-founder, Co-Creators Convergence; Co-founder, LightPartners.org).

Dr. Mills’s transcendent and transformative words, which move one into a higher realm of wonder and understanding, can now be savoured in print. To purchase your very own copy of Out of the Blue, go to Amazon today.

“These words that arose, and are still arising, from ‘out of the blue’ motivate, inspire, and shape our sense of self to be more compassionate, more loving, and more intelligently aware of greater realities and our profound human capacities” (Alan Steinfeld, Founder, New Realities and New Realities Media).

“Dr. Kenneth Mills lived as an oracle. A rare find of a man, who reached deep inside himself and the world, exploring and articulating consciousness” (Michele Chaban, MSW, RSW, PhD, Founding Director, Applied Mindfulness Meditation Program, University of Toronto).

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