A Summer Festival Like Never Before!

“Enjoy the landscape, look at one another with wonder and start appreciating the magnitude which enables you to see that One is All and All is One, and that you may all come together. For in the knowing, there is no together; there is only the Oneness appearing diversified for the fun of the play on this plane.”

~ Kenneth G. Mills, July 7, 1979

The 2020 Summer Festival of Light, Sound, and Peace will open on Sunday, July 12, online via Zoom. Please join us for the entire Festival, which will run through Friday, July 17.

The vibrant, inspiring program begins on Sunday morning with a viewing of an Unfoldment Dr. Mills gave on August 13, 1989, at Sun-Scape Inn on Sparrow Lake in Muskoka, Ontario. This powerful lecture has been entitled “You Allow ‘This’ to Be an Excuse for Not Being That.” Docents Lucille Joseph and Judith Macdonell note that it has been chosen as the opening chapter of the second volume of 1989 Unfoldments, to be published later this year. This Unfoldment originally inaugurated the 1989 Summer Festival, introducing its main themes and also concisely presenting a core idea of Dr. Mills’s entire body of work.

A second session, on Sunday evening, will be devoted to opening the ideas within the 1989 Unfoldment. Then on Monday morning Judith and Lucille will offer a viewing of “The Resolution of Chromaticism,” which Dr. Mills gave on March 20, 2004. They feel that this Unfoldment, published in The Cornucopia of Substance, is a remarkable match “in a higher key” to the one from 1989. Both lectures feature the theme of chromaticism.

Also found in The Cornucopia of Substance is the Unfoldment “How to Reconstruct Your World,” given by Dr. Mills on June 24, 2003. Once the chromaticism has been resolved, how does the reconstruction happen? Docents Blair Randle and Ken Brown have designed a provocative two-session exploration of the themes and threads in this Unfoldment. The Unfoldment will be viewed on Monday evening and its meanings probed on Tuesday morning. The docents also have given a “study question” for everyone to consider prior to these sessions: “What instruction does Dr. Mills provide in this Unfoldment about reconstructing your world, and how is that going for you?”

And then, there’s The Candy Maker’s Son. Do you think you’ve discovered all the riches in this boundless treasure trove? Probably not! Host-docent Lee Bowser calls Wednesday morning a “celebration” of this multi-faceted, multi-leveled wonder of a book. He leads off with some considerations on what Dr. Mills reveals in the stories from his life. Docent Paul Sargia, inspired by Lee, has spent this past year studying the book and researching a number of the people and events mentioned in it. You will enjoy Paul’s rather unconventional ways of sharing his discoveries.

Ken Brown, Robert McAlpine, Colin Morrison, Blair Randle, and Glen Sawich have met regularly for quite some time to share their discoveries within Unfoldments that have deeply moved them. Now these five docents are opening a profound area for those at the Festival: Dr. Mills on Metaphysics and Healing. Over many years, Glen – who has known Dr. Mills since the 1960s – has put together an extensive notebook of special metaphysical statements, almost all by Dr. Mills. Now, you are invited to share in this wealth of material. Twelve of these statements will be sent out for consideration to those who have registered for the Festival. You will be asked to choose one of the twelve as a basis for your participation in these two sessions on Thursday morning and evening. The resultant sharing promises to be heartfelt, inspiring, and nourishing for all.

Those are the main elements of the Summer Festival program. In all of them, the opportunities for sharing, responding, and offering in a smaller group setting will be frequent. So, in addition to having the privilege of viewing these rare Unfoldments, you will be able to express freely what you feel and what you have learned and what you know.

And yes, there will be surprises along the way. For example, several people have stepped forward to do “Thunder Talks,” brief (seven-minute) presentations on their experiences and realizations. These will be interspersed throughout the week. Also, those who have attended previous festivals can attest to the rich conversations that have taken place at mealtimes. Zoom lunch, anyone? (Just don’t get mayonnaise on the computer!)

The fee for the week is $250.

            The fee for individual sessions is $35 per session.

Kindly register no later than July 6 by contacting Jan Butler at [email protected]

Click here to pay your fees.

Plan to attend the Festival for the entire week, from Sunday through Friday. If this is not possible, attempt to attend all of the related classes on a particular Unfoldment. Remember, with no extra costs for travel and accommodations, many who have not attended the Summer Festival for quite some time will now find themselves able to do so! Everyone is welcome!

It’s a priceless opportunity.




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