A Review of Kenneth Mills’s “The Key: Identity”

Part 2, by Paul Sargia

“The Great Creative Sound allows you to perceive how you can be reborn instantaneously with the acceptance of your Right Identity. You know you didn’t create yourself.”

– Kenneth G. Mills, “Be the Star,” in The Key: Identity

This statement (and my review) offers a glimpse into the life of philosopher Kenneth Mills. To get an inkling of the gift that is available, it is recommended that those interested sample what he offered. The Key: Identity certainly is a start. It bears the Fundamental Tone of man’s freedom. If one is willing to be open and receive and try it on for size, it could become not just a book but your experience.

To hear Dr. Mills’s voice, take advantage of the original recordings of many of the chapters in this book on CD. What a treat! Sound is so important. You will soon find that there is a different somethingness to that sound that sets it apart from ordinary life. Even if the words are not understood, you might find that the frequency of the Pitch can temporarily transform one’s body into an energized, rhythmically pulsating state. Of course, Dr. Mills did not speak just for the sake of allowing others to feel euphoric. It was only a part of the happening, whereas the real purpose of his efforts seemed to be to awaken all to be responsible for their own freedom. It can never be done for you.

Also, enjoy the sound of Dr. Mills’s other voice, The Star-Scape Singers. Once again, don’t expect the ordinary. Dr. Mills once said, in describing what audience members might experience at a performance of the ensemble’s master-work, The Fire Mass: “I would hope that it would be a fulfilling experience for them. If their focus has been present for the performance’s duration, they have been relieved of the objective confinement and have dwelt in the possibilities unknown, save in the baptism of sound which washes over one and frees them from the limitations of the objective day. In that hour and fifty-three minutes, if you have to time it, I think people have tasted the possibilities of a Transcendental State without even knowing it.”

If one partakes of the various expressions of Dr. Mills’s work, they might just go beyond satisfying one’s appetite. In all likelihood, the desire for total immersion will become most appealing—the inherent yearning to constantly be That State of Satisfied Being. So, if Dr. Mills’s world sounds interesting, put on your diving gear, get ready for some deep-sea adjustments, and jump in! But beware: you may not surface to the everyday world looking or acting quite the same again.

The Key: Identity by Kenneth G. Mills is available in book format, CDs, and MP3 downloads.

Paul Sargia is a freelance scriptwriter living in Norwalk, Connecticut. A version of this article was published previously in Concepts magazine.

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