A New Spring

“Why should we, in our thought-organized and thought-manifested Life Stream, ever consider those moments when nothing seems to be happening to be devoid of the incredible Spirit of Newness and Fecundity?” (Kenneth G. Mills)

Kenneth G. Mills, The Baobab

Tomorrow, hear what Dr. Kenneth G. Mills has to say about Wealth, Mother Nature, and Creativity,  in “Green Stuff,” a spontaneous lecture or Unfoldment that he gave on June 10, 1992, in Connecticut. It was subsequently published as a chapter in The Key: Identity.

Join us online at the Gathering Place on Sunday, November 15, 2020, at 11:00 a.m. ET, to watch “Green Stuff.” See the schedule here. To register and obtain the Zoom link, contact [email protected],

“Kenneth Mills offers a radiant knowing which is at once a bridge between inner and outer realities, a luminous telling of mysteries that serve as a lure of becoming, and a palpable re-enchantment of the world. To read and hear these Unfoldments is to enter upon sacred time and space, to become transparent to transcendence and to remember who and what we really are.” (Dr. Jean Houston)

This spontaneous talk will also be the subject of a sharing evening on Wednesday, November 18, at 8:00 p.m. ET (unless otherwise announced).

To explore the online library, where “Green Stuff” and other remarkable lectures and concerts may watched and researched, click to subscribe (the first 30 days are free).

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