THE KEY IS IDENTITY – MP3 Downloads Now Available!

“People expect something of significance to happen, and the only thing that can happen of real significance is the realization of Identity. The lack of that realization is the crisis today.” (Kenneth G. Mills) Download an MP3 now and listen to what philosopher Kenneth G. Mills has to say about Identity, Individuality, and much more:…Continue Reading

Why is mankind struggling?

In these days of apparent divisiveness, one can appreciate the wisdom of the Canadian philosopher and universalist Dr. Kenneth G. Mills. From his standpoint of Oneness, all-inclusiveness, and unconditional Love, he declared: “Whoever taught you to divide the races up, because they looked differently, into something you would know not, when they are a figment…Continue Reading

Winners of the Kenneth G. Mills Poetry and Singer-Songwriter Prizes

Buzzing with anticipation, Heliconian Hall in Toronto was packed with prize finalists and their families and friends on the evening of May 5, 2018. Students gave exuberant performances of their poems and songs, and the Kenneth G. Mills Foundation presented the Kenneth G. Mills Poetry and Singer-Songwriter Prizes. High school, college, and university students had…Continue Reading

Who will win the awards for best poetry and singer-songwriting this year?

On May 5, 2018, The Kenneth G. Mills Foundation will be presenting prizes to creative City of Toronto students at its second annual Poetry Awards Gala. Come out and hear them perform at 7:30 p.m. at the Heliconian Hall, 35 Hazelton Avenue, Toronto. First, second, third, and fourth prizes (totaling $1,000 in each category) will…Continue Reading

What is the Summer Festival and how can I attend?

“The Summer Festival … is a period for conceiving conception unconfined so that in the overview the world is seen in the Light of infinite possibilities and held once again in the arms of Love.” (Kenneth G. Mills) The Kenneth G. Mills Foundation Presents 2018 Summer Festival of Light, Sound and Peace: Celebrating Presence Sunday…Continue Reading

Sistema Sings “Melody for the World”

The Kenneth G. Mills Foundation has been sponsoring the efforts of Sistema Toronto for several years and recently offered Sistema’s young choristers the opportunity of learning “Melody for the World,” words and music by Kenneth G. Mills. Piano accompaniment was arranged by Marshall Olchowy, a Toronto musician and music teacher. Under the direction of choral…Continue Reading

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