Ted Hallman and the Scintillating World of Vibration

American master weaver Ted Hallman, inspired by the music of the Star-Scape Singers, collaborated with their conductor, Kenneth G. Mills, to create an extraordinary series of tapestries that suggest the subtle color nuances of sunrises. Ted skillfully embraced his passion for music through exploration in woven form, capturing the very timbre of music through the…Continue Reading

Changing the Weather

“After that, the sky remained clear for the whole evening, and we had a wonderful dinner party. Later that evening one of the guests who had heard what happened asked me, ‘What is it that you do to change the weather?’ I answered, ‘It’s not what I do; it’s what I AM. I never think…Continue Reading

A Lovely Piece of Jewelry to Commemorate Kenneth Mills

By Mary Joy Leaper Dr. Kenneth G. Mills had a distinctive manner of writing his initials; this became his monogram or “chop,” and he used it in association with his paintings and books. Richard Franz, a jewelry designer and long-time student of Dr. Mills, has taken this beautiful flourish and conceived a necklace that immediately…Continue Reading

Why “Fire”?

“Why ‘fire’?” asked Margot Adler of NPR in an interview with conductor Kenneth G. Mills, co-composer of the masterwork The Fire Mass. The Fire Mass was composed by Christopher Dedrick and Kenneth Mills, with words from the Latin Ordinary of the Mass and Mills’s poetry. “Conceived for a ten-to-twelve voice ensemble, it is tonal yet…Continue Reading

Artist in Residence at Clevelands House, Muskoka

Jennifer S. Murphy, artist in residence with Muskoka Chautauqua 2017, will be offering guided instruction and art appreciation at Clevelands House in Minett, Ontario, from August 28 through September 1. Her art workshops on the shores of Lake Rosseau will open “a window to wonder and magic” for children and adults. Jennifer is known for…Continue Reading

An Artist Draws upon Wisdom

At the Kenneth G. Mills Foundation’s 2017 Summer Festival of Light, Sound, and Peace: Celebrating Presence, Mallory Blair Randle, artist and ceramics teacher, presented slides of his vivid sketches done in Arizona and Ontario. As a remembrance of places and times that were dear to him – not just as a memory but “to point…Continue Reading

Prizes Awarded to Toronto Student Poets

Stepping out of the commotion of a festival on Bloor Street West and into the tranquility of the Trinity-St. Paul’s Centre for Faith, Justice and the Arts in Toronto on Sunday afternoon, June 11, one feels the anticipation in the air. Toronto high school, college, and university students huddle and whisper, knees jiggling, fingers tapping,…Continue Reading

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