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Generosity Is Unlimited—Help Support the New Kenneth G. Mills Scholarship

The Kenneth G. Mills Foundation is delighted to announce the creation of the Kenneth G. Mills Scholarship at the Glenn Gould School of the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto. This scholarship will provide financial support toward the music studies of talented young artists from across Canada and around the world, giving them access to…Continue Reading

Join Us for a Christmas Celebration!

Although the maples and oaks have not yet shed all of their gold and russet garments, it’s already time to look ahead to Christmas. Specifically, it’s time to begin the Christmas-season calendar with the Kenneth G. Mills Foundation’s annual Christmas Dinner: Date: Saturday, December 8, 2018, at 5:00 p.m. Place: The Coach House, Sunnybrook Estates,…Continue Reading

“The Key: Identity,” by Kenneth G. Mills

A review by Paul Sargia, part 1 Kenneth George Mills’s book The Key: Identity is a collection of his spontaneous lectures, termed “Unfoldments,”™ focusing on the answer to the question concerning man’s true nature—the big “Who am I?” That’s right—the Answer! That alone makes this book very exciting, or scary, depending on how you look…Continue Reading

THE KEY IS IDENTITY – MP3 Downloads Now Available!

“People expect something of significance to happen, and the only thing that can happen of real significance is the realization of Identity. The lack of that realization is the crisis today.” (Kenneth G. Mills) Download an MP3 now and listen to what philosopher Kenneth G. Mills has to say about Identity, Individuality, and much more:…Continue Reading

Why is mankind struggling?

In these days of apparent divisiveness, one can appreciate the wisdom of the Canadian philosopher and universalist Dr. Kenneth G. Mills. From his standpoint of Oneness, all-inclusiveness, and unconditional Love, he declared: “Whoever taught you to divide the races up, because they looked differently, into something you would know not, when they are a figment…Continue Reading

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