“Kenneth G. Mills is an inspiration. His life and very being carry the quality of evolving humanity.”
~ Barbara Marx Hubbard, Author



“This is a superbly trained ensemble...singing with piercing purity, without vibrato, and in flawless pitch.”
~ Tim Page, The New York Times

The Star-Scape Singers


“There is perfect harmony....
Kenneth Mills has achieved here
mastery, mastery of the floral.
There is no other word for it.”
~ Timothy Phillips, Artist, Student of Salvador Dalí



“Dr. Mills's music eloquently reflects his depth of soul, expanse of spirit, and brilliance of mind.”
~ Phil Ramone, Record Producer



“His creative talent is so prolific that his designs will remain light years ahead of his imitators.”
~ Phyllis Myers, Accessories Magazine







Deadline for Poetry & Singer-Songwriter Prizes EXTENDED!

The deadline for entries to The Kenneth G. Mills Poetry & Singer-Songwriter Prizes
contest has been extended to September 15, 2019.


To be independent does not mean that you "do your own thing.". . .

Unfoldment & Star-Scape

The Remarkable Mr. Mills - Rolland Smith interviews Kenneth G. Mills

Featured Video: “The Remarkable Mr. Mills”


The Kenneth G. Mills Foundation is dedicated to the living legacy of the words and works of Dr. Kenneth G. Mills, offering the radiant presence of unlimited possibilities for each and every one.

“The purpose of this unfolding path is to reawaken in man the glory of his own essence, thus the Divine Self cognizing its own Allness.”
~ Kenneth G. Mills

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Included in its mandate is the sponsoring of individuals and projects within arts and education.

“The great tradition of patronage has kept alive the spark of creative genius and beauty throughout the ages and will carry it on into an effulgent tomorrow, bearing wisdom, wonder, and power.” ~ Kenneth G. Mills

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